Kingmaico creates websites. And web shops. From A to Z or simply just transforming a graphic design into a responsive website. Kingmaico also helps people and businesses to improve their online performance: better visibility and more quality visits that will increase sales, leads or other goals you may have. Since 2000 dedicated to support you professionally with a personal touch.

Who is Kingmaico?

kingmaicoKingmaico was a fierce Thai heroine who crossed oceans and at a young age died a tragic death on the island of Aphrodite. She was named after the local grocery store in Lamai, Koh Samui Thailand. Her courage and flexibility are an inspiration and she was my best friend those years in Thailand. So I call my company Kingmaico Internet Marketing.

Recent projects

Kingmaico is responsible for these recent projects:

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What makes Kingmaico happy?

Planting seeds and watch them grow into beautiful flowers. Or tomatoes. Literally but also metaphorically: start a cooperation and work towards rewarding results.
You can contact me at grietje[at]
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